Tips To Child Proof Your Garage - Make Your Garage Safe

Tips To Child Proof Your Garage - Make Your Garage Safe

When preparing to bring our newborns home from the hospital, many first-time parents are not only preparing by buying items needed for the baby but also items to assist them in childproofing the home. However, there is one area of the home is often overlooked, the garage. Although this area may not need to be ‘baby-proofed’ immediately. It’s a good idea to baby-proof it anyways or have a list ready for when the time comes as the child gets a little older.

By childproofing the garage, the parents can not only rest easy knowing their children are safe, but they can ensure that the garage of their Melbourne, FL home stays closed. Here are some tips and tricks you can keep in mind to ensure the garage is a safe place.

Securing Hazardous Material

All chemicals and cleaning solutions must be out of the child’s reach. If they are within reach and the child can access them, chances are that they probably will at one point or another. Our team suggests one of two options; either placing the chemicals on a higher surface in the garage and/or keeping them in a locked cabinet with the key out of reach of the child. Even if the chemicals/cleaning solutions are out of sight in a cabinet, locking the cabinet is vital because children will eventually explore out of curiosity.

Ensure these are locked up/secured:

• Cleaning solutions
• Automobile fluids (antifreeze, oil, etc.)
• Pesticides
• Fertilizer
• Plant Food
• Lighter Fluid
• Weed Killer
• Insect Killer Sprays
• Charcoal
• Paint/Paint Thinner

Garage Door Safety

Always test your garage door opener and the locking mechanisms that are located on the sides of the door. If the opener can be reached by small children make sure to keep it up high, so they are unable to reach it. This will ensure they cannot mistakenly get out of the garage and no one can get in. Another safety mechanism to regularly check is the safety sensor or “electric eye”. The safety sensor is placed a few inches from the ground and will detect if anything moves across the sensors beam, from object, pets, people and of course small children. Be sure to do your research to get the best sensor possible that is sensitive and has a rapid response stop time.

Vehicle Safety Tips

If you leave the vehicle in the garage, then always make sure to lock the trunk and doors of the vehicle. You want to make sure that children are unable to climb into the vehicle when you are not around. This can lead to a host of problems. Keep any keys that go to the vehicles away from the children, or up out of their reach. Do not leave them in the vehicle, either. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if the vehicle is turned on and left inside a closed garage. This may seem unlikely but, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Other Garage Safety Tips

There are many other tips you can keep in mind when childproofing your garage. You want to make sure that anything that can easily be swallowed or choked on is put up and out of the reach of children.

Lock up any area where the child might find and then crawl in and hide. This could be anything from chest freezers to dryers. The same goes for power tools. Keep them locked up or out of reach to prevent accidents.

Any area where one inch of water is accessible should be cleaned up or stored somewhere else. A child is able to drown in just one inch of water.

If you have any questions about making or keeping your garage of your Melbourne, FL home safe don’t hesitate to ask! Our team is here for you and if need be, we can install a garage door that was made for families with children. These doors are made to protect the garage, car, and the children that find themselves around it. We look forward to working with you, give us a call today.