How To Prepare Your Garage For a Hurricane

How To Prepare Your Garage For a Hurricane

Homeowners are you prepared for hurricane season? In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, hurricane season is from May 15 until November 30. The Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1 until November 30, so if you are local to the Melbourne, Florida or Vero Beach, Florida area this applies to you. If you are in a hurricane prone region, you may have bought all the necessary supplies, brought everything inside and secured your windows, but have you prepped your garage door for the hurricane?

Hurricanes are extremely dangerous and can easily destroy everything in their path. Therefore, you should prepare prior to hurricane season and be thorough with protecting your home, which includes the garage. The garage door may be the most vulnerable part of your home. If unsecured, the wind can destroy your garage door, which can potentially allow the built-up pressure to destroy your roof and ultimately the structure of your home.

Remember preparation is key and hurricanes are unpredictable. Do not wait until hurricane season starts or last minute to secure your garage door. When preparation is delayed it can cause unnecessary stress. If you are taking all the necessary steps to prepare for a hurricane, you know it is a process between buying food, water, other necessities, items needed to secure your home, securing important documents and planning evacuation routes if the hurricane becomes stronger.

If you are in a hurricane prone region, like we are here in Central Florida, you know that sometimes you may have to balance working at your job and preparing, which can be hard to do with limited time to go to the stores in hopes supplies are still available and then do the actual work.

Hurricane Rated Garage Doors

Many homeowners have decided to upgrade to hurricane rated garage doors. It is recommended to hire a professional technician because the garage door needs to meet the wind load requirements for your area and our professionals will ensure the product you are receiving will meet those requirements. This will give you peace of mind knowing you have the best product for your home. If you are in Melbourne, Florida or surrounding areas, All Pro Garage Doors & Screens has hurricane rated garage doors available for purchase and installation. We are an authorized dealer for Haas. They also carry DAB, Amarr, Wayne-Dalton and Clopay doors.

Even though heavy winds are a huge concern, you will also need to prepare for heavy rainfall. If you are in flood prone area, this is very concerning. Sandbags are a great way to help prevent water from entering your home. The sandbags can be placed in front of the doors and garage door. If sandbags are not available, a good substitute are bags of topsoil or mulch, which are typically easier to obtain when a hurricane is forecasted to reach your area. It never hurts to be cautious and remove anything off the floor or close to the ground that can be damaged by water. You should also unplug any appliances you may have in the garage.

Hurricanes should not be taken lightly, and homeowners need to be proactive with preparation. Homeowners are not always aware that a garage door needs to be secure and that a lot of hurricane damage is from the loss of garage doors. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals at All Pro Garage Doors if you have any questions or concerns with preparing your garage door for a hurricane.