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The residents of Florida are no strangers to hurricanes. We endure a hurricane season each year from June 1st-November 30th, with the season peaking from mid-August to late October. Residents take many precautions to stay prepared for an impending hurricane such as: stock up on food, water, batteries, candles, generators, hurricane shutters and more.

One aspect of preparation that can overlooked by home and business owners is the safety of their garage door during a severe hurricane. The type of garage door that is on your home can become a critical factor during a hurricane. The garage door covers the largest hole in your home or business, once the garage door is either sucked out or blown in amidst a hurricane, the structural integrity of your roof and supporting walls are compromised.

The issue is that once the door is gone it can lead to a buildup of pressure inside the home. A build-up of pressure means a component of the structure will give in (or blow away). Is your garage prepared for the next hurricane?

Top Quality Hurricane Rated Garage Doors in Florida

At All Pro Garage Doors, the various brands of all the garage doors we offer are hurricane and impact rated, this is our business standard! Not all garage doors are created equally and not all ratings are the same.

We have heard it from many customers, who were usually told by other companies that they already have a hurricane safe garage door because it is a wind rated garage door. However, wind rated and impact rated are not the same.

Wind Rated Garage Doors

Each county has their own laws regarding wind codes. The wind code criteria was designed to determine the structures ability to resist wind, specifically. The region you live in is taken into account, as well as if you live in a beachside area, inland, suburban etc.

Impact Rated Garage Doors

Impact rated garage doors, also referred to as hurricane rated garage doors, are designed to withstand not only severe winds but also to withstand the damage that may be done by wind-borne debris. When a garage door is impact rated it means that it has been previously tested to see how well it will withstand ‘large missile impacts’.

During the test, a 2-by-4 piece of wood is shot out of a cannon and sent hurling towards the door at full speed, this is done 3 times in a row. If the door sustained little to no damage and doesn’t have any holes greater than 3 feet in diameter and is still operable, it gains the rating. In previous years, impact rated garage doors were only required in Miami-Dade County, however it is now implemented more frequently throughout the rest of Florida.

Choosing your impact rated garage door is half the battle, you also need to choose a company you can trust. A professional, well trained technician that will ensure you garage door is installed properly. When you choose All Pro Garage Doors, you are choosing customer service and attention to detail that is second to none.

Every single garage door we sell is impact rated! We urge you to be aware that not all company’s even sell impact rated garage doors. They may sell you a garage door that passes building code regulations, but not wind mitigation. Wind mitigation inspections are typically done during the home buying process.

We always recommend impact rated garage doors first. The safety offered by this type of garage door is unparallel to its counterparts. Many pieces of debris get blown around in a hurricane, this may include tree limbs, road signs, house siding, parts of roofs, and more. When you think about those objects hurling through the air at the speed of a category 5 hurricane, winds of 156 mph and higher, your safest bet is impact rated verses wind rated.

Besides having to replace a window or the garage door due to damage, the structure of your home could be compromised with the massive amount of wind that is being forced into your home. Roofs are often damaged the worst when garage door damage is done, once the roof is structurally compromised, the amount of damage can reach catastrophic levels rapidly during a hurricane. The structure could lose the roof in its entirety, not to mention the contents inside once they are soaked with a few hours of nonstop rain.

Brands of Hurricane Rated Doors That We Sell

HAAS – HAAS is a member of the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), they are committed to providing garage doors that meet or exceed industry standards for not only quality but more importantly for safety. HAAS has been manufacturing garage doors since 1954. The amount of experience speaks for itself.

Clopay – Clopay is another popular garage door company. Their garage doors feature an inteli-core insulation technology, making it a wonderful green yet durable choice for homeowners. One of the largest garage door manufacturers in the country, their doors come in a wide variety of styles including carriage house, modern and traditional raised-panel.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors – C.H.I. offers a wide variety of styles, materials, and finishes to choose from. These garage doors are made right here in the USA in Arthur, IL.

Amarr – Amarr has various collections that will fit perfectly for any application. Craftmanship and attention to detail are of the utmost importance and help create beautiful entryways to your home.

Wayne Dalton – Wayne Dalton is another popular garage door company; this company was founded in 1954 and is committed to their ever-expanding product line. Besides a large selection of residential garage doors, they have quite the line-up of commercial garage doors as well.

DAB – DAB is a company which was originally started right here in our home state of Florida. All of the garage doors they offer exceed Florida’s latest building code requirements for wind rating and more.

All of the garage doors we sell from various manufacturers are renowned in the industry for their top safety standards, quality and design. They all offer many options for residential and also commercial garage doors. Call us today is you are looking for a new garage door, and impact rated (hurricane rated) garage door for your Florida home or business.

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