All Pro Garage Door Repair

Finally! Garage door repair that is convenient and affordable! At All Pro Garage Doors & Screens, we know that you rely on your garage door to function properly. We offer quality repair service options in a timely manner that meets your budget and needs. Our team can provide you with the essential repair service to ensure your garage door is functioning safely and properly.

Our Certified Technicians are thoroughly trained. They are familiar with all garage door systems, work fast, and are often able to fix issues in one visit. No matter your repair need, big or small, we can help.

Repair services offered:

Broken Springs
One of the most common repair issues homeowners face is broken springs. Many garage doors have two torsion springs which lift the garage door. Garage doors cannot function properly with a broken spring, continuing to operate the door with a broken spring is a safety hazard and can cause damage to other parts, as well as the garage door opener. Our trained staff can replace broken springs efficiently so that your garage door functions properly and safely.
Broken or Fraying Cables
Garage doors have cables that attach to the bottom of the door, which allow the torque from the springs to lift the door. When the cables are broken, your door will be unable to open effectively and could pose a safety hazard. Our team has vast experience in handing cable issues and can help get your garage door up and running properly again.
Emergency Service
We offer emergency services to customers whose garage door unexpectedly breaks down and they are unable to remove their vehicle. Our team responds immediately to emergencies so that you can get to where you need to be!
Rollers Replaced
The rollers of your garage door help to keep the door rolling smoothly. When the rollers wear out or break down, your door will not open normally. Our knowledgeable staff can replace the rollers so that your door functions properly.
Track Problems
The tracks of your garage door are the guide that helps your door open and close correctly. When the door tracks get bent out of shape, you may be unable to open or shut your garage door. Our team of technicians can easily review the problem and find a solution to get your door operational once again.
Opener Repair
The garage door opener automatically opens and closes your garage door with a push of the button. If you are having problems with the opener, we can help. We service all brands of garage door openers. Sometimes the issue is simple fix, or it may be more complex and require installation of a new opener. All Pro Garage Doors & Screens offers Linear and Liftmaster openers for long-lasting performance. Whatever the issue, our team can help you find the right solution.
Garage Door Sections
Did that new driver in your house run into the garage door and damage a section of the door? It may not be necessary to replace the entire garage door. Many times we can simply replace just the damaged section of the door. This can be a huge savings compared to the price of a new door. Contact us today to see if a section repair can fix unsightly damage to your garage door.
Same Day Repair
We offer same day repair so that you can access the services you need when you need them. We understand that your time is valuable and strive to provide quick service without compromising quality. All our calls are answered by our staff – NO answering service here. When you call our office during regular business hours, we connect with you immediately.
We find out what the problem might be based on what you are experiencing and then head over as quickly as possible to get to work on the repair. In no time, you will have a garage door that is functioning once again.
We have built a solid reputation over the years as a community leader in the industry and only offer the best garage door repair services for our clients.
All Major Brands
At All Pro Garage Doors & Screens, we focus our work on all major brands. No matter your garage door type, we can provide a solution. With over 15 years in the business, we have seen our fair share of garage doors. Our technicians are well-versed in repair needs for a variety of garage door types and models.
All Work Guaranteed
At All Pro Garage Doors & Screens, we guarantee all our work. We provide the best to every client we service. We do things right the first time and back our work with a guarantee that you will be satisfied. Our customers are the success behind of our business, so we work hard to provide fair, affordable and quality service to each and every one.
All Major Credit Cards accepted
We make garage door repairs affordable and convenient. When you have a repair service completed with our team, we work with your budget. We also accept all major credit cards.

When it comes to garage door repair, we have your covered. Contact All Pro Garage Doors & Screens for expert repair services in Melbourne & Vero Beach, FL, or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you and providing the essential repair services for your home’s garage door. Let our team protect the integrity of your garage door system with quality servicing.

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